getting started with photon

This is a quick guide for getting started with photons when working with IxD-IoT. There is more detailed information available at the particle.io Docs pages.

Particle products photon

Step 1: Create an account with particle

First off, you need to create an account with particle.io. Follow this link to go to the particle login page, click on 'sign up' and follow the instructions to create an account.

Create an account with particle

Step 2: Download the particle app

This is available at both the Apple App Store and in Google Play. It's useful for claiming and monitoring your devices.

Step 3: Claim your photon

It's through this step that the photon becomes assigned to you. To do this:

  • Plug your photon into the USB port of your computer: You should see it power on and the little LED start flashing
  • Set your photon into listening mode: To put your Photon in Listening Mode, hold the SETUP button for three seconds, until the RGB LED begins blinking blue.
  • Open the app and login with the account details you just set up following the instructions in the app. When doing this you will need to connect to wifi. We can't connect the photons to the eduroam network. Get wifi details from one of the mentors.
Claiming your photon step 1
Claiming your photon step 1
Claiming your photon step 1
Claiming your photon step 1

Hopefully the photon should now appear under the My Devices view of the app. Go into the particle console website and you should also see your device there.

Go to the particle console